Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comparing and Relating "Lather and Nothing Else" to A Photograph From The Movie "Sweeney Todd"

I was looking through pictures on a website, and I came across the one on the right. It is a picture from the movie, "Sweeney Todd", and it reminds me of Lather and Nothing Else.

One way this reminds me of the story, Lather and Nothing Else, is for the obvious reason: the man is shaving a customer. Just like the short story, the main character is a barber, and the entire story takes place when the barber is shaving Captain Torres' face. When reading Lather and Nothing Else, this is exactly how I imagined the barber shaving Captian Torres.

Another way this reminds me of the story is that when I look at this picture, I sense tension and it seems to me like the barber is not content with who he is shaving. It looks like the barber does not want to shave this man, like he is dreading this; just like in Lather and Nothing Else, when the barber did not want to shave Captain Torres.

Also, the position of the blade looks as if the barber is ready to murder the client. It also looks as if both characters are in different worlds; as if they are both thinking about something completely different, but so much alike. It almost looks as if the barber does not want the client to see what he is thinking, just like in the story, when the barber did not want Captian Torres to know that he was contemplating murder.

I think that this picture represents Lather and Nothing Else very well.


Cole Smithey.

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