Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comparing and Relating "Lather and Nothing Else" to the Movie "The Outsiders"

When I was watching the movie "The Outsiders" I realized that this movie has some things in common with the short story, "Lather and Nothing Else".

The photo on the right is the cast of the movie, The Outsiders.

One thing that The Outsiders has in common with this short story is that it is all about opposing sides; opposing gangs. In Lather and Nothing Else, the barber is from one side of a conflict - he was a revolutionary. Captian Torres was the leader of the opposing side, and he killed many people on the barbers side.

Another thing that the movie has in common with the story is that some murders only happen because people are on opposing sides. I believe that if the people in the movie were not in opposing gangs, that they would be friends. In the movie I can see that many of the characters have many of the same qualities, and they could be friends. I can relate this to Lather and Nothing Else because the barber was contemplating murdering Captian Torres only because he was on an opposing side.

This movie and this story have a lot in common.


Critical and Creative Thinking - The Outsiders.

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