Saturday, October 18, 2008

ISU Introduction

For my English ISU, I have chosen to analyze the short story, "Lather and Nothing Else" by Hernando Tellez. In my next three blog posts, I will be comparing this short story to three different things; three different forms of media.

This short story is about a man who is placed in the situation of having to be civil to his worst enemy. He has to do his job well to a man that he is not comfortable being around. The two characters, the barber and Captian Torres, are both from different society groups, and they are from opposing sides in the war. Both characters are aware of the situation, but as the story progresses, the two try to remain civil to one another.

I chose to use the above photo because this was how I imagined the setting in Lather and Nothing Else. It looks like an old time barber shop, and it was exactly how I pictured it in the story. When I look at it, I could imagine this story taking place; I could imagine Captian Torres walking through the door.

I am looking forward to analyzing the story, Lather and Nothing Else.


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